Geophysical Equipment

CG-5 AutoGravimeter


The CG-5 Autograv™ is the next generation land gravity meter combining a modern, intuitive user interface with our renowned quartz sensor technology housed in a rugged yet lightweight enclosure. The new CG-5 offers fast, reliable and precise gravity measurements and includes an array of mapping and post processing functionality with our new Lynx LG software conveniently installed on the optional tablet computer.

GDD Instrumentation.

The highly sensitive GDD IP receiver models GRx8-32 is a compact unit designed for high productivity resistivity and time-domain induced polarization (IP) surveys in mineral exploration, ground water exploration, geotechnical investigations other related fields. If features high capabilities allowing it to work in any field conditions. It can be configured for multi-pole or multi-dipole reception. The receiver uses a PDA handheld PC to data acquisition and the software can easily be updated via internet.

GEM System.

GEM’s advanced proton precession magnetometer (GSM-19T) is one of the world’s leading instruments for subsurface investigations and exploration. The proton system is designed to fit the niche for clients who require a low-cost, yet robust and reliable magnetometer for ground geophysical surveys. This system is an entry-level system for clients who require an advanced system without the higher-order features and benefits of GEM’s overhauser and potassium systems. The GSM-19T proton precession unit is a unique product only available from GEM. It features highly-effective proton energization and physics, three data acquisition modes (walking, mobile, and base station); has a large-volume on board storage and memory, and comes complete with a high-resolution (0.6m) integrated GPS on of the first magnetometers in the world to offer this time-saving, effective technology. This proven system offers a range of benefits for different applications. In mineral exploration, the GSM-19T has shown itself to be a mainstay of many programs-offering robustness for a demanding environment around the world. In Oil and Gas exploration, the GSM-19T offers similar benefits. It is also an effective tool in environmental and engineering work for detection of buried drums, utilities and other man-fabricated buried objects.

Radiation Solutions.

The new RS-125/230 spectrometer is the state of the art in portable hand held radiation spectrometer survey instrument for the geophysical industry. It offers an integrated design with full weather protection, large detector, ease of use and the highest sensitivity in the market segment. This unit offers users a full assay capability with internal data storage and PC data retrieval and display. The only difference between the 2 units covered in this manual are: RS-125 has a 6.3 cu in Sodium-Iodide detector, RS-230 has a 6.3 cu in BGO detector that offers performance similar to a 21 cu in Sodium-Iodide detector.