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Metallic and mineral resources

GDD Instrumentation.

The highly sensitive GDD IP receiver models GRx8-32 is a compact unit designed for high productivity resistivity and time-domain induced polarization (IP) surveys in mineral exploration, ground water exploration, geotechnical investigations other related fields. If features high capabilities allowing it to work in any field conditions. It can be configured for multi-pole or multi-dipole reception. The receiver uses a PDA handheld PC to data acquisition and the software can easily be updated via internet.

Geophysical Surveys.

Magnetic, gravity, radiometric and spectrometer, induced polarization and resistivity, fixed and moving loop electromagnetic etc.

Magnetic & Gravity Applications:

Geological mapping, archaeology, earthquake research, education and research, mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration, civil and enviro-engineering, volcanology etc.

Induced Polarization and Resistivity Applications:

Geological feature exploration, fresh water exploration, mineral exploration, hard and brown coal exploration, metallic and non-metallic mineral resources etc.