Exploration Application Examples:

  • Geothermal exploration – geologic structure
  • Massive Sulphide and Ni-Cu-PGE exploration – dense and magnetic ore bodies
  • Porphyry exploration – zones of magnetite destruction and density contrast between intrusive and country rocks
  • Iron Oxide Copper-Gold exploration – density and magnetic contrasts between alteration zones
  • Iron formation (BIF) targeting and delineation in highly magnetic environments
  • Uranium exploration – silicification / desilicification
  • Oil & Gas exploration geometry and internal structure

Modelling at Different Stages of Exploration:

  • Large – scale regional inversions for targets identification and ranking
  • Local exploration using basic constraining information
  • Detailed follow – up inversions integrated all available physical property and geological information
  • Constrained delineation modeling with drillhole geological logs combined with density and magnetic susceptibility measurements
  • 3D Inversion of historical data for property evaluation