The CG-5 Autograv™ is the next generation land gravity meter combining a modern, intuitive user interface with our renowned quartz sensor technology housed in a rugged yet lightweight enclosure.

The new CG-5 offers fast, reliable and precise gravity measurements and includes an array of mapping and post processing functionality with our new Lynx LG software conveniently installed on the optional tablet computer.


  • Sensor type: Fused quartz using electrostatic nulling
  • Reading resolution: 1 Micro Gal
  • Standard deviation: < 5 Micro Gal
  • Operating range: World Wide (8,000mGal without resetting)
  • Residual long – term drift (static): Less than 0.02mGal/day
  • Range of automatic tilt compensation: (+,-) 200arc sec
  • Tares: Typically less than 5 Micro Gals for shocks up to 20G
  • Automated corrections: Tide, instrument tilt, temperature, noisy, sample filter
  • GPS accuracy: Standard <15m, DGPS (WAAS), <3m
  • Operating temperature: -40C to +45C
  • Standard system contains: CG5 Auto GRAV console, GPS antenna, levelling tripod, rechargeable batteries, USB stick adaptor, RS – 232 cables. Carrying bag, transit case, data dump and utilities.