Radiation Solutions

The new RS-125/230 Spectrometer is the state-of-the art in portable hand-held radiation spectrometer survey instrument for the Geophysical industry.

It offers an integrated design with full weather protection, large detector, ease of use and the highest sensitivity in the market segment. This unit offers users a full Assay capability with internal data storage and PC data retrieval and display.
The only difference between the 2 units covered in this manual are:
  • RS-125 has a 6.3 cu in Sodium-Iodide detector.
  • RS-230 has a 6.3 cu in BGO detector that offers performance similar to a 21 cu in SodiumIodide detector.


  • Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Memory: 2Mb, scan total count only – 94,000 readings, Scan + assay only 1000 readings, Assay only 400 readings (plus full spectrum)
  • Data output/input: Using supplied RS – Analysis software USB
  • Readout: Search mode: counts in CPS from o to 65,535, Assay mode: Display in K(%), U, Th(ppm) ROIs per IAEA
  • Energy response: 30keV to 3000keV
  • Alarm: Auto via miniature speaker
  • Batteries: Life: 8 + hours at 20°C
  • Internal sampling: 20/second